Powerful Hand Held Sports Massager

Looking for Speedy Relief from Aches

& Pains in your Muscles or Joints?

The Choice of the Professionals

Is Finally Available for Home Use...

Finally! - Professional Massagers available at Internet Prices.


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Wouldn't it be great to get a powerful massage whenever you needed one - anytime of the day or night?


We all know the fantastic benefits of a regular massage, but it's usually time and cost that prevent us from keeping to a regular monthly, weekly or even bi weekly session.

So when injury strikes and daily treatment is required, it can really seem like a very long and frustrating road to recovery.

Therapists & Sports People use the Pro Sports Massager

"For dedicated sports people and amateurs alike, the Aldrah Health Pro Sports Massager can help with both pre and post event treatments.

The unit is heavy enough to have a substantial effect on tissue and fluid movement. This can provide invigoration of muscles and the supply of oxygenated blood to essential muscle groups..."

Martin Lester, Osteopath, Clinic Rooms - UK

For 20 years Aldrah Health have been supplying professional strength hand held massagers to:

Osteopaths, professional sports therapists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, pro sports clinics, coaches, trainers and professional sports people.

Finally! - Widely Available to the Public for the First Time..

The demand for a hand held professional strength sports massager has increased dramatically in the last few years and our new internet shop has brought certain overheads down to make it affordable to a much wider audience.

So finally, it has been made available to sports and massage lovers at an excellent price, so that you too can experience a professional strength treatment whenever and wherever you need it..

..and of course for much less than it would cost for up to 5 treatments by an in-house therapist or practitioner.

The Massager and Pads are Excellent for:

Muscle Cramping

Stiff & Sore Joints

Tendons i.e. Golfer / Tennis Elbow

Uric Acid build up in Joints

Body Shaping / Cellulite Reduction

Trapped Nerves / Sciatica

As seen in

Massager Publications

Benefits of using the Pro Sports Massager at Home

Fast drug free pain relief exactly when you need it

Speeding up of injury recovery

Elimination of lactic acid build up

Improved circulation

Speeding up of metabolism

Improved muscle tone

Helps reduce body fat & cellulite

"Regular use on some permanently aching areas has removed the pain completely!"

K. Peggs - East Sussex, UK


Our Spring Sale is Now On!

10 Pro Hand Held Massagers

with £40 Off the Web Price

The Pro Sports Massager also..

Puts you in control of your 'home therapy sessions'

Easily penetrates even the thickest muscles

Is much cheaper in long run than to keep paying out for sessions

Is available anytime day & night - whenever you need it

Has Real Pro Power yet only weighs 950g

2 x Speeds - 10 Types of Massage

The Aldrah Health Pro Sports Massager has 2 speeds to deliver 10 types of massage.

It can be used with oils and creams, either over clothes or directly on the skin.

You can use it just with the solid black contoured massage base or you can choose to use one of the four pads that come included to suit your condition.

The Four Extra Pads Included are:

1) Deep Massage Pad - Excellent for Deep Muscle Penetration, Back & Legs

2) Soft Spikey Pad - Great for Cramps, Base of the feet, Cellulite, Superb for Circulation

3) Small Bell Pad - Can be used on Delicate Areas: Face. Great for Tension Headaches

4) Soft Sponge Pad - Ideal for all Joints, Arthritis Relief, Golfers & Tennis Elbow

All are included in the box

How you Get a Professional Massager at an 'Internet Price':

When we demo the massager at exhibitions & trade shows many people come up and ask the price - often they say that they have 'just returned from a physio who has used it on them and charged £50 + for just half and hours use!'

Needless to say that they happily buy one at the full RRP price of £349 - as they quickly deduce that it really will have paid for itself is very little time - (often in less that 6 or 7 therapist sessions at £40-£60 per visit).

However on this site we can Discount the RRP price by £100! Bringing the price to an excellent £249.

The reason is really simple - since you're getting these directly from the Internet you are buying direct from us with :

No middle men to pay

No demonstration team to pay

No expensive trade show rents to pay

No expensive commissions to pay out

We also don't need to pay anyone to take the orders over the phone (though, you are welcome to call us on 0845 519 8217 to discuss your order)

This way we can pass along our substantial cost savings to you, and give you a professional strength product at an 'Internet' price - so everyone wins.

Our Spring Sale is Now On!

10 Pro Hand Held Massagers

with £40 Off the Web Price

All Massagers are Double Guaranteed

Guarantee One:

A full one year instant replacement warranty,with an option for 5 years if required (option available in the online shop)

Guarantee Two:

A zero hassle & frustration free 'Try it and see' 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee that states that if you don't think that this is the best Pro Sports massager for home use that you have tried at this great price then we will refund all your money including the postage.

All we ask from you is that you give it a fair trial, just a few minutes a day for a week before you make your decision.

We promise that any refunds will be easy, hassle free with no silly form filling or jumping through endless hoops, in fact they will be within 24 hours of us receiving the massager back!

We know that once you've ordered you will want to get the massager ASAP - so your order will be shipped within 24 hours, First Class Recorded Delivery and will be with you in a matter of a 3-5 days for the UK (at the very latest!)

Great Feedback from Very Happy Customers!

We have been supplying massagers for over 20 years and have received lots of wonderful feedback from professionals & many happy customers - here is a selection from them .....

"We have owned one of your massager for 17 years.

It has been loaned to a number of people who have all benefited from its use...

Hence the recent new sales, just purely recommendation!!

My wife and I have always used it for back problems and recently, knee problems."

Brian Dennis York, UK

"The massager helps me to speed up the recovery process & sort out niggles straight away...I don't always have a physio therapist nearby and find the massager very effective...

Coaches often recommend to make sure to massage my muscles after training, the massager is a great tool to do it myself !"

Hilana Marais - Triathelete - South Africa

"In my opinion nothing comes close to or has beaten

the Aldrah Health Pro-massager.

I've had just one for over 15 years, it still going strong, in regular use and is like new.

Fantastic! I have tried other massagers over the years and nothing has beaten it."

David Bacon - UK

"For dedicated sports people and amateurs alike, the Aldrah Health Pro Sports Massager can help with both pre and post event treatments.

The unit is heavy enough to have a substantial effect on tissue and fluid movement. This can provide invigoration of muscles and the supply of oxygenated blood to essential muscle groups before an event.

Conversely, the same can be said post event, when muscles need to be relaxed and toxic build up of lactic acid needs to be dispersed."

Martin Lester, Osteopath, Clinic Rooms - UK

"Magic!....It's wonderful to have drug free pain relief!"

M.Spence - Monks Risborough, UK

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All your Questions Answered..

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If you are a Runner, Triathlete or a Golfer or are interested in Sports Massage then we have some dedicated sections for you.


Whatever your aches and pains, whether they be in the muscles and joints the Aldrah Health Pro hand held Massager is a great investment.

Used on a regular basis you cannot fail to experience the many benefits it will bring to your muscles, joints and body.

This is a great risk free investment, and many, many times in the future - maybe after a race or in the middle of the night when cramp or pain strikes - in fact whenever you're using it on your muscles, joints and body, you will be thrilled and delighted you own one and it's close to hand!

Please drop me a line if you have any questions,

Best Wishes,

Paul Aldrah Health Pro 10K

Paul and the Aldrah Health Pro Team

(That's me at the 10k in May)

PS Don't forget our promise - try it for 30 days, if for any reason its not for you then just send it back for a full 'Zero Hassle and Frustration Free' refund - we can't say fairer than that!

Our Spring Sale is Now On!

10 Pro Hand Held Massagers

with £40 Off the Web Price

Usual Web Price £265

New Sale Price £225

For Sports Injuries..

The Aldrah Health Pro Massager is perfect for sporting injuries. It provides vibrational pro power that is great for stiff muscles and joints, increased circulation, and genaral sporting aches and pains.
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For Body Shaping..

If you are looking for a G5 type treatment everyday, the Aldrah Health Pro Massager can provide this. It come with special easy fit attachments for body shaping, toning muscles, cellulite elimination and even helps to speed up metabolism. Read more..

For Joints & Feet..

The Massager comes with a sponge pad which is perfect for stiff and sore joints. This means that you can experience soothing pain relief vibrations and benefit from a much increased circulation around the joint and surrounding supporting muscles. Read more..