All Your Questions Answered On the Pro Massager…

I understand this is a powerful professional hand held massager what conditions does it help with?

Whichever sport or exercise you enjoy, you will continually put stress on the muscles and the joints. The massager will increase circulation promoting a fresh interchange of blood and help the body flush out a build up of acids and toxins that can lead to future injuries & problems. It gives great relief for a number of conditions including:

Muscle cramping

Stiff & Sore joints

Golfer elbow

Tennis elbow

After workout, tense/frozen muscles

Muscle fatigue – Lactic acid elimination in the muscles

Uric acid build up in Joints (arthritic conditions)

General sporting aches, pains & sprains

Aching muscles after exercise or race

Trapped Nerves/ Sciatica

What are the benefits of using the massager?

Drug Free Pain relief exactly when you need it

Powerful deep tissue massage at home (with no work from you!)

Speeding up of metabolism & improved blood supply

Reaches deep down tissue & ligaments

Easily penetrates even the thickest muscles

Stimulates Lymph drainage

Great Preventative of injuries

Use on Joints, feels like they have been ‘pumped with air’

Puts you in control of your ‘home therapy sessions’

Much Cheaper in long run than to keep paying out for therapy sessions

Don’t have to make lots of appointments at clinics

Available anytime day & night – whenever you need it

Use it for just 20 seconds or 20 mins its up to you!

For tired aching feet just apply for one minute – instant blissful relief – feels like walking on air!

What are the pro sports massagers main features?

2 speed + 4 Pads for 10 types of massage

Its size is perfect for packing and travel

Quiet refined motor

Counter weighted base so you don’t have to ‘ push down’ & apply much pressure

Chosen by Physio, Sports Therapists & Professional Clinics for over 20 years.

Built very solid for long life – many years of use.

Lightweight just under 1 kg

Versatile & easy to use

Can use with oils and creams, over clothes or directly on the skin

Contoured and shaped base pad great for flat or pressure point massage

Easy to use alone as well as 2 person use (ie: therapist/patient)

UK plug with 80 inch flex

How Does It Work?

Unlike ordinary electric massager’s that do nothing more than ‘rub’ your skin, the Aldrah Health Pro sports massager delivers a powerful vibratory massage with an undulating motion to gain maximum effect.

It penetrates the muscles without rubbing the skin in an uncomfortable way or any painful thumping or bashing common with some powerful electrical massager’s.

When would I need one?

If you take part in any sports or exercise & have experienced any reoccurring niggles, injuries or pains

You take more painkillers for aches & pains than you used to

You have been recommended massage but don’t want to pay out for it every week

You want to quicker recovery of muscles

You want regular, quick & easy relief for joint pains

You want to ‘loosen up’ before a Golf or Tennis game

You want to speed up healing times of injuries

You want to increase blood circulation

You wish to prevent further development of an injury

The Massager has ‘Thrive 707a’ on it is this the same as the Pro Sports Massager from Aldrah Health?

Yes! The massager is manufactured in Japan (known worldwide for their high quality products and love of massage) and is often sent to us as the ‘Thrive 707a’

This is the Japanese product name but at Aldrah Health we prefer to now call it the Pro Sports massager as it is more descriptive of its use and power.

Please note: To clear up any confusion – In the past the massager has also been promoted as the:

-  ‘S49′

– ‘AH1′

– ‘Sakura’ Massager

– ‘Thrive 707a’

Exactly the same high quality Japanese product, just a variety of different ‘crossover’ names or codes over the past 20 years.

We are delighted to have been awarded permission to be the sole distributor of this excellent product in Europe.

Is it the same as the ones you can get in Shops that have batteries?

No! – this is a very different machine to the battery operated machines that you sometimes find in stores. They are often small gift items, which don’t offer any real power and are generally ineffective and relegated to the back of the cupboard!

This is a professional-strength massager in a personal, self-use size.

As a general rule any massager that uses batteries will not have the power necessary to generate a deep tissue massage and are best avoided.

The Aldrah Health Pro Sports Massager is mains plug only – delivering a full powered deep tissue massage

Its best to think about the difference between the type of machine that a professional therapist would use and charge you over £40+ per session for, compared to a cheaper massage gadget that you may have seen or even tried.

What are the benefits on muscle tissue?

Relieves fatigue in muscle tissue by removing the accumulations of lactic acid

Helps muscle tissue function at maximum efficiency

Helps Relax tired muscles

Helps keeps muscle in good tone

Relaxes muscle spasm and relieves tension

Accelerates healing

Increases blood supply and nutrition to muscles without adding lactic acid

Helps overcome fatigue resulting in strenuous exercise

Helps prevent Muscular atrophy

How does it work well on stiff and sore Joints?

Because the massager helps to improve circulation, using the soft sponge pad it can be used on the joints to increase local blood and lymph flow.

This will bring essential nutrients and white blood cells to the joint area – to protect the body against the invasion of foreign bodies and remove dead or injured tissues, calcium deposits and toxic substances – effectively neutralizing unwanted acids like Uric acid which causes arthritis.

I heard you can you use it on Horses or other animals sound odd – is this true!?

Yes the massager can be used on some pets and is often used in the treatment of Horses and race/activity injury.

Where is the massager made?

The massager is made in Japan and contains a powerful Japanese motor. We are the sole importer to Europe.

How long has the massager been around for?

Aldrah Health has been supplying massager’s to doctors, clinics, osteopaths, sports therapists and coaches for over 20 years.

Is there a Guarantee?

Of course! The massager is covered by a one-year warranty – however we also offer a 30-day money back no quibble guarantee if you find that the massager is not suitable for your requirements.

All that we ask is that you give it a fair trial, once a day for just a few mins on the affected areas – if after a week you feel no improvement you are welcome to send the massager back for complete no fuss refund.

**Please note we only sell brand new massagers never used or returned. We offer this guarantee to reassure you that you are fully covered however almost all customers are extremely satisfied with the massager and hence very very few result in any kind of return. That’s why we confidently offer it!

Do Therapists/Osteopaths/Clinics etc. use this massager?

Yes, many who like to use machines in their practice do.

Aldrah Health has been supplying massager’s to Doctors, Clinics, Osteopaths, Sports Therapists and Coaches for over 20 years.

Click Here for feedback from Professional Therapists, Sports People and other delighted customers.

I’ve had a massage before and the therapist doesn’t use any machines just hands – why should I use this?

Yes – some therapists like to use just ‘hands on’ and not use machines – but in order to recover much quicker they often give you exercises to do at home. The massager is a great tool to use at home to help with these exercises and assist a much, speedier recovery – in fact many recommend it.

Expert Opinion - Sports Therapist

Paul sports therapist“As a Sports Therapist I just use ‘hands on’ only – however I often recommend to my patients to treat themselves in-between sessions to really speed up the recovery process.

The pro sports massager is a great tool & powerful enough to have a real positive effect – and I would certainly recommend patients to use it often on the problem area before their next session with me to really boost recovery.”

Paul Medicott, Sports Therapist – UK

The Commons Practice

Expert Opinion - Osteopath

“For dedicated sports people and amateurs alike, the Aldrah Health Pro Sports Massager can help with both pre and post event treatments.

The unit is heavy enough to have a substantial effect on tissue and fluid movement. This can provide invigoration of muscles and the supply of oxygenated blood to essential muscle groups before an event.

Conversely, the same can be said post event, when muscles need to be relaxed and toxic build up of lactic acid needs to be dispersed.”

Martin Lester, Osteopath, Clinic Rooms – UK

Is this a cure all for my ailments?

Massage is a great way to help the body to help itself, it helps the body to flush out acid and toxins that often cause much pain and frustration. The body is a wonderful self healer although sometimes it does need a helping hand. Massage can be a wonderful drug-free way to assist the body – however it cannot be described as a solo cure – rather a great method & tool to use.

How long should I use it for?

Once or twice a day for up to 20 mins.

The secret to getting the most out of the massager – is to use it ‘little and often’

How soon before I feel the benefit?

In most cases you should feel the benefit immediately, but long-term use is great for keeping the body serviced.

How do I clean the Massager?

Very Easily – Just wipe the machine with a damp cloth or a ‘wet wipe ‘.

The pads can also be cleaned by simply running them under a tap and patting dry.

How much does it weigh?

Just under 1 kg (950g) easy to carry and travel with.

What are the specifications?

– Black massage head: length – 6 inches (15cm) width 4 inches (10 cm)

– Voltage: 220/250 volts

– Rating 50/60Hz, 13 watts

– Speed approx: 3800 rpm (heavy service)

– Approx: 2500 rpm (light service)

– Weight: 950g

– Manufactured to conform to BSEN 60335-2-32

What are the attachments for and do they come with the massager?

The massager comes with 4 pads:

1. Four Bumps Pad – Excellent for Deep Muscle Penetration, Back & Legs

2. Soft Spike Pad – Great For Cramps, Base of the feet, superb for Circulation

3. Bell Pad – Can be used of Delicate Areas: Face, great for Tension Headaches

4. Soft Sponge Pad – Ideal for all Joints, Arthritis Relief, Golfers & Tennis Elbow

For a more detailed description of the pads please click here

Can I use it on my own or do I need another person to hold it?

The massager can be used either with one or two persons.

Are there any medical reasons why I might not be able to use the massager?

Yes – if you are:



Taking the drug Warfarin

Under strict medical supervision.

If you are unsure then please consult you doctor before using this product.

Does it work straight away, just plug in and go?

Yes the massager comes with a British plug and 80 inch flex

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, however – the postage on this site covers The UK and Europe please contact us for any shipping outside this area

Will the massager work abroad?

Yes – However it depends on the voltage of the country you want to use it in that dictates whether you need any kind of adapter.

It is set to 220/240 volts and has a British plug.

However it will work with both ‘plug shape’ adapters and voltage adapters eg: UK (220/240) to USA (100/120) and vice versa.

Do you give discounts on bulk orders?

Yes please contact us to arrange bulk orders and discounts.

Can I buy spare pads from you?

Yes just go to our Online Store and buy Spare Pads Directly from the store

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