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The Professionals

Press Play for an Expert Opinion on the Massager

Expert Opinion - Osteopath

“For dedicated sports people and amateurs alike, the Aldrah Health Pro Sports Massager can help with both pre and post event treatments.

The unit is heavy enough to have a substantial effect on tissue and fluid movement. This can provide invigoration of muscles and the supply of oxygenated blood to essential muscle groups before an event.

Conversely, the same can be said post event, when muscles need to be relaxed and toxic build up of lactic acid needs to be dispersed.”

Martin Lester, Osteopath, Clinic Rooms – UK

“I am a P.A.M. practitioner (power assisted micro manipulation – basically its a revolutionary whole spine manipulation technique).

I have found that combining the use of my P.A.M machine with the massager has greatly increased the success of my treatment…

..also by finishing off the treatment with the massager I have found that patients are much less likely to experience muscle spasm after manipulation.

“The massager is also a very pleasant treatment which helps to make the overall experience for my patients more enjoyable”

Linda Hurr B.Sc. Hons  – BODY PRINCIPLES Total Life Care

Expert Opinion - Sports Therapist

Paul sports therapist“As a Sports Therapist I just use ‘hands on’ only – however I often recommend to my patients to treat themselves in-between sessions to really speed up the recovery process.

The pro sports massager is a great tool & powerful enough to have a real positive effect – and I would certainly recommend patients to use it often on the problem area before their next session with me to really boost recovery.”

Paul Medicott, Sports Therapist – UK

The Commons Practice

“The massager has been used to relieve neck and muscle pain with very good effect”

D Tussler BSc MCSP – Superintentent Physiotherapist – NHS Trust – UK

Expert Opinion - Physical Therapist

“I would like to recommend the Aldrah Health massager which I regularly use for my therapy treatments. The unit was purchased about 2 years ago. I have been pleased with the results acheived using this appliance with remedial, core, sports massages and accident inuries treatments.

I have now purchased a 2nd Aldrah Health massager for my practice for the good service and results this unit has provided.”

Mr.N.R.Higgins.  I.T.E.C/I.I.H.H.T – MICHT Mobile Physical Therapist. – Spain.

“Very Pleased with the Massager.. So far I have used it quite extensively, and have found, as a professional that it has saved my hands a lot of work, releasing a lot of tension in the muscle tissue”

Adrian Goodall – Therapist M.I.C.H.T I.H.B.C. – Tonbridge Kent – UK


Expert Opinion - Osteopath and Sports Massage Therapist

Paola Ash“I had been suffering from a grumbling strain of my right forearm muscles or many months.

However I found using the hand-held massager as self-treatment was very useful and really supplemented the osteopathic treatment I was having in-between times.  I would suggest to people with a musculoskeletal injury this innovative powerful hand held massager is a wonderful adjunct alongside other forms of treatment that you may be undergoing.

It comes thoroughly recommended!”

Paola Ash
Registered Osteopath and Sports Massage Therapist
c/o HealthworksPractice www.healthworkspractice.com

Sports People

Sports Person Opinion - Triathelete

“The massager helps me to speed up the recovery process & sort out niggles straight away…I don’t always have a physio therapist nearby and find the massager very effective…

Coaches often recommend to make sure to massage my muscles after training, the massager is a great tool to do it myself !”

Hilana Marais – Triathelete – South Africa

“..used it for a golfing injury that was really getting in the way of my game and driving me MAD. I found that using the massager before the game for a few minutes really freed up my swing and helped me to enjoy the game much better…I call it my golfing secret!”

Mr J. Hedgeson – East Sussex – UK

Sports Person Opinion - Lee Mears England & Bath Rugby

“The Aldrah Health Pro Sports Massager is fantastic to use at home –

it has real power and gets deep into the muscle – I highly recommend it.”


Lee Mears – England & Bath Rugby Ace & British and Irish Lions Tour

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Other Delighted Feedback

“In my opinion nothing comes close to or has beaten the Aldrah health pro-massager.

I’ve had just one for over 15 years, it still going strong, in regular use and is like new. Fantastic! I have tried other massagers over the years and nothing has beaten it.”

David Bacon, UK

“We have owned one of your massagers for 17 years. It has been loaned to a number of people who have all benefited from its use.

Hence the recent new sales, just purely recommendation!!

My wife and I have always used it for back problems and recently, knee problems.”

Brian Dennis York, UK

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! My massager is one of the best things i have ever bought for myself, I don’t want to be without it if at all possible!”

B.Milliner – London, UK

“Regular Use on some permanently aching areas has removed the pain completely!”

K.Peggs – E.Sussex, UK

“We have found that by using the massager for about 10 mins a day really does help to improve the condition dramatically….this is probably one of the beat investments we have made…thank you Aldrah Health!”

R. Abby  – Portland Dorset, UK.

“Magic!….It’s wonderful to have drug free pain relief!”

M.Spence – Monks Risborough, UK

” I massage my wife’s back & shoulders with it every day and she has felt a great benefit from it…I massage my right knee every day now as I have arthritis in it. I was put on painkiller drugs for my knee but saw a programme about this drug on television and stopped taking them.

I started to massage my knee with the massager & since doing this every day I have had no pain in it and feel that we make a wise decision when we purchased the massager.”

R.P Weatherby – Dagenham, UK

“I am very pleased I got the machine (as i call it) and consider it a good friend. I use it every day!”

P. Orrell – Seascale  Cumbria, UK

“I get considerable relief with it daily”

J Bamford – Sheffield, UK

“…So I tried the massager which felt fantastic so i decided to buy one. I was advised to use it before and after work on my neck, which is where i suffer the most pain and i have to say that i have not had many problems since. When i do i just use it on my neck and shoulders for a few minutes and it eases the pain.

I’ve been going to chiropractors and an osteopath that have helped but because of the cost I’m unable to go frequently which is what i need as the pain becomes so intense.

Thankfully with buying the massager I can use it when I like without it costing any more money – I hope it becomes more widely available to the public.”

(note: this is from pre this website!)

Rachel Spencer -  West Sussex, UK

“Wonderful Instant Relief!”

H Ager – London, UK

“In March my husband had a very painful injury which could have immobilized him on a long term basis. He was in excruciating pain. However frequent massaging with the Amazing Aldrah Health pro massager, he was able to return to work in lass than three weeks…We thoroughly recommend these massagers to everyone.”

Bruce & Zoe Crane -  Portshead, UK

“The Best Machine for the Job….well worth the investment!”

P.H. Graham – Berks, UK

“..Just writing to say how pleased I am with the massager. I had been looking for a personal massager for some time, but had not been able to find one with sufficient power to have any noticeable effect – however after one try i was hooked!

..Although at the time i had to think twice about the cost, i can honestly say that I have not regretted a single penny since. What I do is very physical and i have found the massager particularly beneficial for my back, shoulders and feet…Again many thanks”

A. Forsyth – Surrey, UK

“I think it’s a marvellous machine, it gives instant relief”

C. Tracey – London, UK

“I some times used to feel quite maddened by the pain in my hand, this is no longer so . The massager is wonderful”

Pauline Tipper -  Slough, UK

“I must say how pleased i am to own one of your massagers…i will continue to tell everyone about this wonderful machine”

Mrs R Barber -  Romford, UK

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