The Pro Sports Massager Is Ideal for Runners

Recent article in Runners World Magazine:

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Why should you get a regular sports massage?

Apart from feeling great & helping you with injury recovery and prevention, there is one major reason why it is vitally important that all runners & athletes get a regular massage:

Sports Massage Improves Performance!

“The factor that probably boosted Paula Radcliffe’s performance more than any other is her ability to regenerate.

Her regular massages were to give extra maintenance to the whole body. Above all it’s to give Paula’s muscles and tendons the best chance to recover from the heavy workloads she puts them through”

The training secrets of Paula Radcliffe article written by Orlando Pizzolato .

After a good massage you will feel lighter, more powerful, more flexible, and those little aches and pains you thought were normal will be gone.

Massage reduces the likelihood of injuries, so you can keep going (yep – despite the rain!)

Problems Often Experienced by Runners

Endurance athletes like runners know the effects of gravity better than most! Whether your running a Marathon, Triathlon or running for fitness, every strike of the foot to the pavement sends awesome amounts of force into the body. Most runners have experienced the negative effects this can have on the body these include:

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ITB Syndrome/Tendonitis

Piriformis Syndrome/Tendonitis

Tibialis Posterior Syndrome

Tight Calves and Hamstrings

Hip Pain

Neck Pain

Knee Pain

Back Pain and more.

What the Pro Sports Massager can do for you

Aldrah health Pro Massager and pads

Improved circulation

Improved muscle tone

More flexible joints

Reduced risk of injury

Enhanced performance

Decreased muscle soreness

Relaxes muscle spasm

Relieves tension

Accelerates healing

Helps muscle tissue function at maximum efficiency

Types of Sports Massage you can use the hand held Massager for

Pre-event :

Use the massager to Warm up muscles and tendons. Ideally used immediately prior to starting the event, pre-event massage also gives athletes the chance to prepare mentally for maximal performance. A typical session with the pro sports massager is 10-15 minutes duration.


After cooling down, using the massager post event can help to relax tight muscles, relieve cramping and reduce recovery time. Decreased muscle soreness is an added benefit! A 15-30 minute session with the pro sports massager is typical.

Training Massage:

Used regularly during training, sports massage can improve flexibility as well as take care of muscle problems before they impair performance.

Expert Opinion - Osteopath

“For dedicated sports people and amateurs alike, the Aldrah Health Pro Sports Massager can help with both pre and post event treatments.

The unit is heavy enough to have a substantial effect on tissue and fluid movement. This can provide invigoration of muscles and the supply of oxygenated blood to essential muscle groups before an event.

Conversely, the same can be said post event, when muscles need to be relaxed and toxic build up of lactic acid needs to be dispersed.”

Martin Lester, Osteopath, Clinic Rooms – UK

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