I have a great tip for you if you are experiencing cramping and tense muscles and want something to help you that is a safe and natural way to gain quick relief.

New Era No 8 Mag PhosTissue Salts are an excellent, safe and simple way to in essence ‘put back into the body what has been taken out’.

For example the body need certain basics elements to make the body work efficiently so if it does not get it by input (i.e. food and drink ) or the body’s supply it has been burned away by exercise or stress, it will leech it from other areas of the body.

E.g : If the body needs calcium and if doesn’t get it from food or drink it will leech if from the bones – (causing other problems in the future) more can be read about Tissue Salts Here.

However I have discovered a brilliant one for sporting muscle tension and cramps and it is Tissue Salt: Mag. phos

Its Function States : anti-spasmodic, ensures smooth movement of muscles.

Uses: cramps, spasms, relief from sharp pain, flatulence, headaches with shooting pain, low energy and neuralgia.

You usually take 4 every few hours or so – However a great tip to try – called a HOT 7  -  is this:

About half a hour before you go to bed  -  dissolve 10 tablets in warm but not boiling water, about half a cup will be fine. Drink slowly.

You will not only have a wonderful sleep but will also wake up feeling completely rested and with a significant amount of muscle tension and pain gone overnight.

Try using these simple and safe tissue salts in combination with other types of sports massage for maximum benefit.

They are very cheap to buy at around £5 per pot (about a months supply) – they can be purchased here:

Buy Tissue Salt: Mag. phos

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