The Massager is Excellent to Help Relieve Painful Joints


Press Play for a Video on using the Massager for Arthritis Relief

By using the Sponge pad included - the massager can provide excellent relief for :

• Arthritic areas – increases circulation and helps the body flush away uric acid build up

• Elbows and tender joints – such as Golfers and Tennis Elbow

• Sore Knees and Feet

If you have problems with joints, then the soft sponge pad acts as a ‘cushion’ between the tender area and the massager head.

This means that you can experience soothing pain relief vibrations and benefit from a much increased circulation around the joint and surrounding supporting muscles.

The Benefits of using the Massager on joints:

massager sponge pad

• Helping to bring essential nutrients and white blood cells to the area to protect the body against invasion of ‘foreign bodies’.

• Removes dead or injured tissue, calcium deposits and toxic substances like lactic and uric acid crystals (which contribute to ‘arthritic pain’)

• Helps bring fresh oxygenated blood to an area which gives the feeling of ‘a layer of air’ around the joint.

• Helps lessen inflammation which will make the joint feel less tight and have more mobility

• Helps your body release endorphins giving natural pain relief

• Gives relieve and a fresh interchange of blood flow to the tense muscles surrounding and supporting the joint

Expert Opinion - Osteopath

“For dedicated sports people and amateurs alike, the Aldrah Health Pro Sports Massager can help with both pre and post event treatments.

The unit is heavy enough to have a substantial effect on tissue and fluid movement. This can provide invigoration of muscles and the supply of oxygenated blood to essential muscle groups before an event.

Conversely, the same can be said post event, when muscles need to be relaxed and toxic build up of lactic acid needs to be dispersed.”

Martin Lester, Osteopath, Clinic Rooms – UK

Customer Testimonial

I started to massage my knee with the Massager…. since doing this every day I have had no pain in it and feel that we make a wise decision when we purchased the Massager.” R.P Weatherby – Dagenham UK

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