The Pro Sports Massager comes with Four Extra Pads

The fixed black contoured base

The Base is a 2 cm thick and contoured for comfort and ease. It can be use either flat or the edges can be used to penetrate deeper into specific muscles with a soothing deep vibration.

Hand held massager base

• Ideal for increasing blood and lymph flow to an area, prior to any deeper or vigorous work.

• Brings about relaxation of contracted muscles as the vibrations penetrate to the basal layers

• Shape is ideal for calf muscles – Fantastic for stimulating circulation in the legs

• Can use the thick rounded edges to massage your own neck & shoulders

• Will aid nutrition to the dermal layer, bringing vital nutrients to the muscles, allowing them to function at maximum efficiency

The Deep Tissue Massager Pad

This pad is fantastic for a deep tissue massage as the four bumps create a deeper, vigorous & more penetrating massage that will penetrate even the toughest of muscles.

Deep Tissue Massage pad

• It will Remove Lactic Acid build up from the muscles hence allowing the elimination of fatigue

• It will bring about compression and relaxation of the muscle tissue which will cause the vascular and lymphatic vessels to be emptied and filled, therefore increasing circulation and speeding up the removal of waste products.

• Excellent for spinal realignment, allows the discs in between to expand and take any pressure off trapped nerves – great relief from sciatica

• It will relax hard contracted muscles – helps prevent fibrositis

• Perfect for those who frequent weights at the gym

The Soft Sponge Pad

The Sponge Pad is excellent for knees, elbows and tender joints, damaged or arthritic areas. It creates a cushion between the tender joint/area and the massager base

massager sponge pad

• Helps to bring essential nutrients and white blood cells to the area to protect the body against invasion of foreign bodies, removes dead or injured tissue, calcium deposits and toxic substances like lactic and uric Acid

• Helps bring fresh oxygenated blood to an area which gives the feeling of ‘a layer of air’ around the joint

• Helps lessen inflammation which will make the joint feel less tight and have more mobility

• Helps your body release endorphins giving natural pain relief

The Soft Brush Pad

The soft brush pad aids circulation and gives deeper stimulation – excellent on the feet for poor circulation and cramps. Great for cellulite reduction

massager brush pad

• It will improve the removal of dead skin cells. These can block the pores, hence slowing down the elimination of toxins via perspiration. When used daily it is an effective way to detoxify the body.

• Often used in beauty therapy to successfully rid the body of cellulite.

• Very good for cramp sufferers, best to use before bed to prevent the accumulation of lactic acid

• Use on the scalp and soles of the feet and will stimulate the millions of nerve endings

The Soft Bell Pad

This Softer Bell attachment screws in centre of the deep tisssue pad and is excellent for the neck and face to release tension that can cause frontal headaches.

Massager Bell Pad

• Fantastic when used on the jawline, to lift & tone the area – for best effects use along the jaw in an upward motion towards the ears to the lymph nodes to increase lymphatic drainage

• It can be used as a pressure point massage to pinpoint specific areas.

• Very effective when used on the face to relieve sinus conditions will help to drain the tubes releasing the pressure & blockage

• Use to work around the forehead to relieve even the strongest of headaches

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